Jewelry Care

Each item is individually handcrafted with the greatest of care.  All items are sourced with the highest quality gold fill and gold vermeil materials.  All earrings are hypoallergenic.

Please be mindful that each and every item is created by hand, and therefore delicate.  It is best to store your jewelry in the hard gift box provided.

To maintain the beauty and shine of your jewelry, avoid lotions, salt water, chlorine and any heavy detergents or cleaning agents.  Please remove your jewelry before you come in contact with any of the above chemicals.

For pieces designed with gemstones, the entire piece can be gently cleaned with water and a damp cloth.  A toothbrush can be used to scrub and maintain its natural brilliance.

While natural and strong, certain gemstones (such a pearl, opal, onyx etc.) and will absorb chemicals such as soap and it can eventually alter the color of the stone.  When in doubt, you can clean all Forlanya Jewelry pieces with a warm damp cloth.

A microfiber cloth used in a buffing motion can also be used to remove any build up and restore shine and luster to pieces.

For gold fill and vermeil (gold plating over genuine .925 Sterling Silver), do not use a commercial cleaner.  The buffing of the microfiber cloth is enough to maintain the shine of your pieces.